Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finding a Versatile Fifth Wheel Hitch

When you have a fifth wheel to haul around for trips or business purposes, it's important to find a reliable fifth wheel hitch. After all, without a hitch, there's no way of getting that cool fifth wheel from Point A to Point B. And since safety is such a key issue, we always tell people to buy a better hitch than they think they'll need, in terms of playing it safe. There is another key feature that sets the good fifth wheel hitches apart from the not-so-good – versatility. You may not think in terms of buying a hitch that's versatile, but it's more important than some people think.

What Do You Mean – Versatility?

Before we start talking about a fifth wheel hitch being versatile, and finding out which company makes the most versatile, high quality hitches for 5th wheels, let's slow down a bit and explain why versatility is so important.

Some people will be installing a hitch either across the bed or along the bed of their trucks. A versatile hit, like the Hijacker 5th Wheel Hitch, can be attached to either type of set up. And that's why Hijacker is considered the most versatile type of 5th wheel hitch. They know that people will use varied means of installation, so they make hitches that can be easily installed either way, so people don't have to decide on which method is the best.

Plus, the Hijacker 5th Wheel Hitch products are also upgradeable in terms of weight – from 16,000 pounds to 21,000 pounds. That gives these hitches the edge when it comes to versatility.

Of course, if all this is sounding like too much to consider, you can contact us at Auto Truck Depot, or at our website, and one of our experienced staff members can help you to make sense out of which type of hitch to choose for your fifth wheel hauling needs.

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