Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Are You Aware of Mud Flap Regulations?

There have been various news stories published about unsuspecting people being ticketed for not having mud flaps in Alberta. Most people have no idea that it is illegal to not have mud flaps on their truck or SUV until it is too late, and what's worse is that most dealerships are also unaware, or neglect to share this information.
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It is explained in the Global News Story, "No mud flaps? It could cost you", that the "regulation falls under Section 64 of the Vehicle Equipment Regulation. It states that the fender or mudguard must cover the entire width of the tire and extend down to the center point of the rear axle" (Ramsey). This story goes on to explain how a couple learned about this violation after receiving a ticket for not having mud flaps on their newly purchased pickup truck. What's worse is that this has happened to multiple people who have no idea of the regulation.
In another news story, "Mudflap fallout, owner discovers new truck is not road legal after leaving lot" from CTV News, Garett Alger was upset to find himself in the same circumstance after purchasing a new vehicle from a dealership. After inquiring about the lack of information given to him from the dealership, they told him that "dealers are not obliged to make sure trucks conform with this law as it's the consumer's responsibility" (Williams-Doherty).
If you have recently purchased a new pickup truck or SUV, make sure your vehicle conforms to the regulations in your region. Most drivers are unaware, and most dealerships are neglecting to share this information to customers. Do your own research, and if your vehicle requires mudflaps, Auto Truck Depot is here to help you out. We also offer professional installations of mud flaps and vehicle accessories. Take a look at the mud flaps we have available, or contact us for more information.

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