Thursday, July 6, 2017

Grille Guards and Bull Bars: What They Do and Why You Want Them

At first glance, a Grille Guard or Bull Bar may seem a little extravagant. When I first started looking into them I thought they were entirely aesthetic, and who has that kind of money to spend on something that just looks good but serves no real purpose? Some of us, certainly, but not most.
But I’m here to tell you that my first impression was wrong, and I would imagine that some of yours were too. In this article I will discuss some of the more important uses for Bull Bars and Grille Guards, as well as share some of my own thoughts on which models work for which applications.
The first thing to keep in mind is that while Grille Guards and Bull Bars are often used to accentuate the beefiness of a large truck, or to make trucks look bigger and tougher, they are a little bit more versatile. They can be added to big and small trucks as well as SUVs, and different models are going to look better and be more compatible with different applications.
They serve several other purposes besides just being aesthetically pleasing. Do you go off-road a lot? Do you go camping places where there isn’t a lot of access to light? Have you ever wished you’d had just a little bit more light? Well, this is one of the primary functions of Bull Bars and Grille Guards. The Aries brand models we carry, such as the Pro Series 3″ Bull Bars come set up with pre-drilled mounting holes in the crossbars. These can be used to mount auxiliary lights such as fog lights, LED Light Bars, and othegrill-5r light accessories. The Pro Series Grille Guard is even more versatile. The light mounting crossbar here gives you options for a single 20 – 30″ LED light bar, two 10″ bars, or three 7″ bars that can be adjust and redirected for maximum versatility.
Add on lights are extremely useful in emergency situations. If you’re off-road, lose track of time, and find yourself needing to get back in the dark, extra light never hurts. If you’re out camping and need to set up in the dark, or you have to do maintenance on vehicles or equipment, the extra light could make the difference between finishing the task and being forced to make concessions you don’t want to make. Aries also makes tow hooks for larger trucks that are compatible with the Bull Bars and Grille Racks as well.
Another important function of Grille Guards and Bull Bars is protection. Protection of your vehicle from various outside forces. It doesn’t matter it you’re driving on the highway or a gravel road, debris is always kicked up. Small stones, dirt and mud particles, and many other pieces of material can be flung into the front of your truck. Not only can some of these things (like bugs) be hard to clean off of your vehicles paint, they can also leave dents and chips that will lower your resale value and look bad.grill-1
Bull Bars in particular protect your vehicle from this kind of damage,as they come with removable skid plates. These skid plates are brushed 304 stainless steel, which means they are designed to hide minor scratches and grime, and they can be more easily cleaned without fear of damage. Plus they are removable, which increases the ease of cleaning as well as allowing you to take them off if you don’t need them. Both the Grille Guards and the Bull Bars come with protective cages for any light mounts you may want to add.
The Aries Bull Bars and Grille Guards are made from a couple of different materials. Many of them are 304 grade stainless steel, which is a steel that contains a high percentage of nickel. Because of this, the 304 stainless is considered rust proof and is extremely resistant to corrosion. These are particularly good for places close to the ocean, or for anyone who finds their vehicles tend to rust or corrode quickly. Stainless steel is also quite durable, and can protect the front end of your vehicle from minor impacts, minimizing damage.
Many of the Grille Guards and Bull Bars are also available in a carbon steel tubing option. The carbon steel is powder coated to protect it from rust and corrosion. Powder coating is an extremely durable process of coating over the metal with a rust proof layer. The powder coating is chip, peel, and scratch resistant and the texture helps hide minor scratches and grime. This means that the carbon steel look can often be easier to keep looking clean. The carbon steel is also stronger than the stainless steel is, meaning it can help protect your vehicle form a bit more damage.
Keep in mind that these are not perfect. It’s not likely that a bull bar will bring your vehicle out unscathed if you rear end someone at high speeds. They are primarily designed to protect the front end of your vehicle from making contact with things that can scratch it, like larger rocks, logs, tree branches, and other off-road obstacles.  Studies have shown that in low speed collisions, Bull Bars and Grill Guards can protect your bumper, lights, and grill from damage, both surface and structural. If the collision is made if a sedentary object, bars-7it is even possible that they will help you push that object for a little ways, although that may scratch your guard or bar. In high speed high impact collisions, your Bull Bars or Grille Guard can collapse into the front of your vehicle.
On a final note, Grill Guards and Bull Bars install quickly and easily by bolting on to factory installed mounts on the underside of your truck. This means no drilling to install. Hopefully this article has helped you make up your mind about your purchase of these products. You can check out our selection of Grille Guards and Bull Bars, and if you have any questions contact us at 1-403-253-4330, toll free at 1-855-253-4330, or by email at