Friday, October 7, 2011

Buying a Fuel Transfer Tank

Fuel transfer tanks are mostly purchased by either contractors or farmers, in my experience.  The average truck owner who doesn’t need to fuel a large tractor or another truck in their fleet isn’t going to go to the trouble to purchase a fuel transfer system.  He or she is just going to go out and get a plastic or metal gas can and shove it in the back of their truck for emergencies.  Therefore, when we decided to stock fuel transfer pumps and fuel transfer tanks we went to those companies who provide high quality, durable units.

There are a lot of companies who sell liquid transfer tanks that they know will be used for fuel transfer, but they won’t go the extra mile to have their units certified for fuel.  I even know a lot of folks who have these systems and use them as fuel transfer tanks with no problems or issues to speak of.  However, I don’t feel right about selling a product that a company won’t stand by.  That’s why all of our sales staff know to explain to customers that if the product doesn’t say specifically that it is a fuel transfer tank then it should not be used to haul fuel of any kind—only water.

Yes, it is cheaper to purchase a liquid transfer tank, but ask yourself why?  Why is it cheaper?  If you are going to all the trouble to buy a 75 gallon transfer unit then you are serious about hauling fuel.  Don’t skimp on quality and safety just to save a few bucks in the short term.

When you have to make an important purchase like this, go with the best.  Pick a company like Weather Guard who will stand by their product.  If you have any questions about fuel transfer, storage, or pumping systems please ask anyone here at Auto Truck Depot.  All of us are glad to answer questions and point you in the right direction for making your purchase of a fuel transfer tank.

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