Sunday, October 30, 2011

What More Can I Say About Truck Bed Boxes?

Truck bed boxes are our most popular item here at Auto Truck Depot so I always feel compelled to blog about them.  The questions we receive usually revolve around which manufacturer is “the best” and which box or boxes are right for a customer’s vehicle.  I’ll state it again for the record that we only pick the best in truck box manufacturers, so regardless of which company you choose you’re getting a high quality product.  As for which box…that’s a matter of personal preference.

These are the questions we generally ask our customers:

1.    What do you intend to haul in them? IE. Tools, purchases, outdoor sports equipment, etc.
2.    Do you have a problem with having holes drilled into your vehicle for installation?
3.    How much room do you need remaining in your truck bed?
4.    Is there a particular color you are looking for?
5.    Will you be hauling fuel?
6.    Is this a business vehicle or personal use?

Functional use questions are always first and foremost on our minds because there is a big difference between someone who wants a truck box to have a lockable storage unit should they happen to want to haul something securely for the day and someone is a construction contractor that needs to haul the same (expensive) tools and equipment around every day.
From an aesthetic perspective, some truck owners want a box that will match the color of their vehicle.  Others care about damaging their vehicle and want something that is non-invasive.  Some truck bed boxes do snap on, while others need to have holes drilled in order to keep them placed securely on the vehicle.  So we always want to ask if they have a problem with holes being drilled into their vehicle.

I try to cover a lot of questions in the blog, but really it is best to just come on down and check them out for yourself.  Our sales team can help you with any additional questions you may have about truck bed boxes.

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