Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Versatility of Checkerplate on your Truck or SUV

Checkerplate, or “Diamond plate” is a type of stamped or hammered metal used for running boards, step boards, and truck boxes.   This type of metal stock is also used for stairways and industrial catwalks because of its “no slip” qualities.  Here at Auto Truck Depot we carry a lot of diamond plate products.  Most of our truck boxes are made from powdered checkerplate, and we also carry a line of running boards that are made from this material, as well. 

Our lines of checkerplate products were stocked because they are functional, durable, and—let’s face it— they look great.  Tell me with all seriousness that diamond plate metal doesn’t have a tough look to it.  It has a much more industrial look than say molded plastic.  When you have diamond plate anything on your vehicle that says subconsciously to others that you own that vehicle because you need it for hauling, working, and doing other rough and tough stuff with it.  Heck, diamond plate can even make an SUV look tough!

Not only does diamond plate look good, but the no-slip quality makes it perfect for running boards and other functions that require that extra bit of “grip” to it.  When you have a checkerplate running board you don’t need to worry about putting on rubber step covers.

We think that diamond plate products are useful, versatile, and look great on your truck which is why we carry so many of these products in stock.  If you are looking for a truck box or running board in diamond plate metal then come on down to our showroom and ask one of our sales representatives to show you our line of checkerplate products.
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