Friday, September 30, 2011

Brake Controllers Installation: Do it Yourself or Let Us Handle it For You?

Brake controllers installation can be either super easy or a pain in the behind, depending on what make and model vehicle you own.  Some vehicles literally have a dashboard plug in box that makes installation literally a snap.  With others you need to get down into the wires and start messing around to get them to work.  As a general rule of thumb with any installation, I say that unless you’re a mechanic you should allow someone else with mechanical certifications to install or work on items that are either mission critical (transmissions, engines, etc.) or safety-related (brakes, brake controllers, gooseneck hitches, etc.).

The process of brake controllers installation for those vehicles without a quick plug box already built into the dash is very tedious and requires that someone be adept at vehicle wiring.  He or she would have to know how to create that connection from your vehicle’s own braking unit and your trailer breaks; they would need to understand how to tap into the brake light switch in order to run the necessary 12 volt power wire, ground wire, and brake light wire from the controller and then back again to the trailer’s brake wiring connector.  Yes, you can read books and manuals on how to do this, but why take that chance?

We certainly don’t charge a fortune to install brake controllers, and our team is so familiar with not only brake controllers installation but just the installation in general of all of the products we stock that it makes sense to have them do it.  They can get it done exponentially quicker than you could at home and you would have the added security of knowing it was done right.  And that’s my opinion on whether or not to do-it-yourself or have one of our technicians perform the brake controllers installation.
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