Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Truck Canopies: for when a Tonneau Cover “Won’t Do”

Truck beds come in a wide range of depths.  When people buy a truck box, cover, or canopy for their truck it is usually with some item in mind.  People purchase truck boxes when they want to securely store an item that they are carrying in their vehicle like tools or guns.  They purchase Tonneau covers when they want to protect larger items from the elements that may not fit in truck boxes or to protect the truck bed from rust.  Truck canopies can both protect larger items (like a Tonneau cover) and secure items (like a truck box).  They also are able to cover those items that would stick above the bed of a truck, and for this reason many people choose truck canopies over Tonneau covers.

These days, truck canopies come in several design types.  You can purchase truck canopies that look very similar to Tonneau covers (lids) and canopies that make your truck look like an SUV.  They also come in aluminum and fiberglass, both lightweight materials making them easy to put on and take off.

When you frequently haul items that would raise above the bed of your truck, especially in winter months it is more reasonable to choose a truck canopy over another type of cover.  We usually talk to our customers about their needs before recommending a canopy, truck box, or cover.  In general, the same people who look at Tonneau covers are the same customers that are looking at truck canopies.  Our sales staff knows to review the needs, truck bed height, and size requirements of items being hauled before making recommendations to our customers.  We don’t try to sell people more product than they need.  If you can get away with a Tonneau cover or lid, that’s what we’ll recommend.  If, however, you need something larger—or just like the look of truck canopies we are happy to sell you one of those, as well.

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