Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Scoop on Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

Fiberglass Tonneau covers are just one of the many types of Tonneau covers we carry here at Auto Truck Depot.  People who want a light-weight cover look at the soft tops, aluminum, and the fiberglass.  The people that go for fiberglass Tonneau covers (generally) want a more polished, uniform look.  Fiberglass aftermarket products tend to look as though they were purchased with the vehicle, as opposed to being an afterthought product. 

The fiberglass models come in colors that will match your vehicle and a lot of our customers really like having that option.  Most of the fiberglass covers also come with hinged lids, which, again, are really popular with our Auto Truck Depot customers.  They are lightweight and flip up with easy locking mechanisms that enable you to leave them open while you move things in and out.   They are one option for folks who want something that has a “hard” top to it, but still not put a lot of excess weight on their vehicle like a truck canopy would.

Naturally, molded fiberglass Tonneau covers aren’t going to be as cheap as a soft, folding top cover would be, nor are they as expensive as the average truck canopy.  The customers that choose the fiberglass models are usually aware of this and going for form, as well as, function.  This is why our line of fiberglass covers tend to be from those manufacturers who have a more stylistic bent to their designs.

It really comes down to personal aesthetic preference in the end whether you choose fiberglass, cloth, or aluminum tops.  Do you like hinged tops? Folding tops?  Do you want a colored top?  That kind of thing.  We do keep in stock a rather big selection so come on down and take a look at our line of fiberglass Tonneau covers.

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