Friday, September 23, 2011

Help! I Need a Pickup Truck Box!

We had a lady in the other day who needed a pickup truck box ASAP to haul her horse tack and equine equipment.  She’d filled every single nook and cranny of her trailer and still needed more space.  Turns out she had one of those riding drafts so, yep, she needed a lot of equipment and extra space to store it in.  We walked her through the various truck boxes we sell here in our storeroom and she decided on a gull-wing that would still give her enough room for her gooseneck hitch.  I always think it’s interesting to hear what people need their truck boxes for.

Most people use a pickup truck box for tools.  People want some lockable box on their truck to store their power tools or specialty tools that they’re afraid might get stolen.  Others just want some covered space in case they need to buy stuff on a rainy day.  Some people use them to haul hunting dogs, others use them for guarding hunting rifles.  There really isn’t any single reason for owning them that sticks out because they are so generically useful. 

A truck box enables you to securely haul items that you feel are important enough to not have stolen, and they also allow you to keep items safely covered from the elements.  Rather than purchase an SUV truck and limit what can be hauled in the back, you can still purchase a pickup truck and  have the same secure storage options as you would with an SUV when you purchase a pickup truck box.
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