Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Favorite Truck Box

A truck box can be one of the most useful aftermarket items that someone can purchase for their truck or vehicle.  They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and for all types of purchases.  You can buy a truck box to haul your hunting dogs.  You can use them to store fishing equipment.  Some you can use to haul liquid and others are pretty much tool boxes attached to the back of your vehicle.  I remember when I was looking through the Tradesman and Weather Guard catalogs for the first time to make a selection for what we would carry in the store and I felt like a little kid who’d been set loose in a toy store!  I was imagining what I would carry in the back of my truck box once I purchased it; what I could use it for.

I like all of the truck boxes we carry.  Let me say that first.  However, my favorite truck box has to be the gull-wing truck boxes (with tool compartments).  These particular truck boxes still leave enough room to go down to the local lumber yard or home improvement store to pick up large items to haul.  They are also lockable so you can keep tools or other important items safely stored away.  They aren’t too big, but at the same time they still have a lot of room for hauling power tools and other items you may need should you take your home improvement skills on the road.

My next favorite truck box would have to be Tradesman’s dog box.  They are very secure items that allow a lot of ventilation, but at the same time, can keep your pooch warm in cool weather.  I’m not one for letting my dog in the cab of my vehicle.  Sure he’s man’s best friend, but he also sheds when nervous and tries to sit in my lap while I’m driving.  With the truck box, he feels safe so he sheds less, and that way we both have a good traveling experience.

Those would have to be my two favorites (this week).  Ask me two weeks from now and I may have a different “favorite” truck box.

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