Friday, October 14, 2011

Trifold Tonneau Covers: Who Doesn’t Love Them?

Our trifold Tonneau covers and other retractable lines are always popular with customers.  People simply want that option if they are going to buy something that covers their truck beds.  I mean, you bought a truck over an SUV because you wanted that open bed experience.  The covers are just an accessory that can help you protect what you are hauling, but they shouldn’t prevent you from full functional use of the truck design. 

Having a trifold Tonneau cover makes it that much easier when you are putting smaller items into the back of your truck.  Do you really want to life the entire cover to throw some groceries in the back?  Heck no.  You just want to pop back one of the folds, shove the bags in and be on your way.  Don’t get me wrong, those fiberglass Tonneau covers are beauties to be sure.  They just aren’t as “easy in, easy out” as a retractable cover like a trifold or soft top can be.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: it all comes down to personal preference.  There are people who like the simplicity of fiberglass covers and don’t mind that the entire cover needs to be lifted to put stuff in and out.  They like the way it looks and operates.  And there are people who want the option of pulling back just a little bit of the cover to put something in.  I’m certainly not going to tell anyone which aftermarket product they should buy.  I’m just here to explain the benefits of each one.  And from my vantage point, I can see that the retractable covers are highly versatile.  So when I hear people explain that they want a cover so they can haul groceries or shopping bags in the back of their truck, of course, I’m going to recommend a trifold Tonneau cover.

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